The greatest threat to our planet!!!!

This is a great video which recently won a contest for the Congress for the New Urbanism. If you don’t know what New Urbanism is take a quick look at this video and then venture to wikipedia. I don’t think New Urbanism is perfect, but it is a we need to philosophy be thinking very seriously about because its concepts are pretty good.


2 thoughts on “The greatest threat to our planet!!!!

  1. I need to think more about this. I agree on the concept but i don’t know if it would work in implementation. We happen to live in that sort of community. I live 5 minutes from 2 grocery stores, the post office, the bank and the kid’s school. And for the first 3 years of my kid’s life I walked everywhere. Now however, I find myself using my extra time that could be used walking to pick up the kids doing other things (like now on the computer). Churches are problematic because we live 2 minutes from 4 churches but none are our denomination. I will admit that if we didn’t have the second car I would happily survive but the American life-style is sooo easy to become accustomed to and a very hard habit to break.

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