Still Proud

We lost to Brazil 3 -2, but I am proud of the American soccer team. Coming into the came I was excited that we had actually made it to a final and as the game proceeded I couldn’t believe that we scored not only one goal, but two goals & we were leading 2-0 at the half.

We played an incredible first half, one that is hopefully a foretelling of what things will look like  at the World Cup. If we keep up that style of play and intensity, we will be a forced to be reckoned with on the world stage.  The world got a taste of American soccer this southern winter, hopefully in a year we will be able to give the world the full meal.


2 thoughts on “Still Proud

  1. yea, i’m totally agree with you, as usa has shown the world how they played football with spirit inside, even if brazil didn’t realize what they’ve gone wrong about, they’re gonna lose that match, salutation to usa team.

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