A New Journey . . .

If you have frequented my old blog Ideas of a BlackWASP welcome to a new chapter in my existence in the blogosphere. It you are new to this blog, welcome to the conversation.

Rhymes of a NeoSoulist is a new venture that I decided to take on after realizing I was tired of the identity of my old blog.  My hope is that I actually was tired of the old blog and not that I actually am tired of blogging or don’t currently have the discipline to blog – I don’t want to disappoint myself or set false expectations upon my friends and readers.  In an attempt to save my old blog I presented an outline of what was going to guide my posts.  At the risk repeating myself and my failure,  I am going to try to write within five broad categories.

Art for the Soul – I am going to post a music video, artwork, poetry, lyrics, etc. and either talk about the significance to life or simply post the artwork and leave it for interpretation/discussion.

Media Reviews – Think book reviews, but I am going to expand to albums and movies. Old, new, borrowed or blue it doesn’t matter; it is more of what has drawn my attention (and I STILL have a couple books to review).

Commentary – These will be my discussion on news and current events. It may be about immigration, church relations, multiculturalism, economics, urban development, higher education (my current career), etc.

Perspective – While in the commentary I will point out specific events in society and culture, the perspective section will focus on things happening in my life. Perhaps be simple one-liners, or longer blog posts; it all depends.

Resources – Just stuff that I read/watch and believe should pass on.

Coming soon is an explanation of NeoSoulist. For those of you who know what it means to be Post-Soul as a cultural and philosophical perspective, start there and try to figure out NeoSoul. If you have no context for what I am saying, wait for me to post my explanation.

I hope you enjoy and hope that you engage with the writing, material, and other readers.

Shalom Aleichem (Peace be unto you)