Art for the Soul:The Heavenbound

I was in a “classic” kick, listening to some older KRS-One, New Edition, Ahmad (Jones), and others. I also listened back to some Transformation Crusade – a Christian Rap group from the early 90’s -, and then jumped over to DC Talk.

DC Talk, I know, not really in the same genre as the aforementioned acts right?  But DC Talk started off a Pop-influenced Rap/R&B combo then went through a bit of a transformation in its later years. In looking around, I found the video for Heavenbound off their 1989 freshman work – first album of what I call DC Talk’s Hip-Hop trilogy – DC TALK. Heavenbound was played frequently on B.E.T. and the boys from DC Talk had interviews on BET’s Rap City – even though originally, the video was going to be on the Gospel section, so many people liked the video that it was placed in the regular lineup next to all of the mainstream Rap and R&B.

I wonder what would have happened if DC talked had remained Rap/R&B?