Art for the Soul:Train Song(s)

This video is from one of my favorite artists and most eclectic groups/artists, Listener. The group is made up of Dan Smith who does the lyrical work and Chris Nelson who does all the guitar work (Dan Smith is the mainstay person in the group and rotates between different accompaniment artists on different albums and when on tour). The group is from Fayetteville, Arkansas, and has a style which  is a confluence of genres. They are rock, rap, spoken word, blues, country, bluegrass all at once.  The group defines themselves as “Talk Music”.  Dan Smith coined “Talk Music” as an attempt to describe his poetry-and-music brand of art. Listener tends to do shows at homes and not “official” venues and has been apart of the hip-hop collective Deepspace5 (also one of my favorite groups).

As you listen, think about what “train songs” you hear? What is meant by train songs and why do we often ignore them? How does justice factor into this? You may have to listen to the song more than once to really pick it all up.

– this isn’t the album version, which I prefer, but it is still good.