Art for the Soul: Arms of a Woman

I  had a weekend away from my life as a Westmont College RD. That means that I didn’t take any emergency calls, I made sure to spend some time off campus, and I just got to dwell with my wife.

For those of us who are in a committed relationship, we too often disregard the simplicity of just laying in the arms of our partner and letting the physical, emotional, and, relational connection put all of our busyness and anxieties to rest.  As Amos Lee sings, I find myself “at ease the arms of a woman”. But Amos Lee’s song is tragic, it is about love lost and the desire for that feeling of just being in the arms of the person we love most dearly on this earth, though we are no longer with them.  Although not all of us experience the separation from our partner, we often put miles between us by being too busy to connect, to laugh, to really love. This song reminds me to stop and rest in my wife’s arms and in her love. I pray it reminds you of the one whom God has given to you so that you may find rest.