Perspective: Theology of Hip-Hop

This is a video of Dan Hodge, a friend of mine, professor, youth minister, and expert on Hip-Hop culture. I gave a shout out to his book a couple months ago and will be posting an interview with him on some time in the upcoming months. In this first of three interviews Dan gives an overview of what is Hip-Hop, what God has to do with Hip-Hop, and begins to examine the culture. Some of what he says may be a challenge for those who have not considered the validity of Hip-Hip as culture or for those who have not understood the redemptive and Christian qualities to Hip-Hop. Moreover, Dan breaks down the idea that what is on mainstream music TV and Radio is true Hip-Hop and suggest that most of that is an inaccurate projection of the culture. So if you are under the impression that the top 10 Rap songs define Hip-Hop culture you should recalibrate your mind as you listen to the interview.

If you watch the video on Vimeo you can find parts 2 and 3.

After watching let me know what you think. What are your impressions on what he says and how does his beliefs about Hip-Hop impact Christianity?

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