Do I still blog?

Yes, I am still blogging.

This spring has been one of roller coaster proportion. Let me just list a couple – as an understatement – things that have been going on.

1 – I have started to contribute to Recovering Evangelical .

2 – I have become a member at my local church (as well as a member of the Local Board of Administration) and a delegate for the Free Methodist General Conference.

3 – I have been working on several academic/professional projects.

4 – I have begun a worship service called SELAH with my friend Ruth.

5 – Westmont College – where I work  – had a necessary, but draining conversation about Same-Sex attraction.

6 – My family (parents/siblings) have been going through a variety of emotional/spiritual difficulties.

7 – I experienced my first Spring Sing at Westmont College.

8 – I started practicing Ki Aikido.

9 – There has been some momentum in my working with Uffizi Missions Project

10 – The Santa Barbara African Heritage Film Series was in full swing this spring.

I think I have a handle on this now, plus my contract for this academic year is up after Thursday so I will have a lot  of free time. Look for new posts soon. But also keep taps on what is going on over at Urban Faith and Recovering Evangelical.


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