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Art for the Soul: Give Love on Christmas Day

It seems proper to post a Christmas song given the season. Someday at Christmas became one of my favorite Christmas songs after a purchased the “Jackson 5 Ultimate Christmas” album a couple of years ago. The song, originally  by Stevie Wonder, is an expression of hope (the first candle of Advent) and a desire for things … Continue reading

Art for the Soul: Worry Walks Beside Me

Michael Kiwanuka is one of my favorite new artists. Michael is a British Soul Musician with hints of Otis Redding and Bill Withers (a personal favorite). Kiwaunka’s Ugandan heritage (son of Ugandan parents) is clear throughout his soothing, earthy  memorizing style. His music is the kind you should listen to with a fresh cup of … Continue reading

What I read this week

Over at Q Ideas, an argument for greater animal welfare from Christians and churches. The article is good and highlights what the Southern Baptist Convention has been doing to care for animals, but the conversation that follows is interesting . . . as they often are.   Another piece at Q Ideas that argues for … Continue reading

Art for the Soul: Vague Suspicions

Ever since I was made aware of her music, I have been enamored by Esperanza Spalding. She is based in jazz, but has soul, funk, hip-hop and R&B infused into her style. In her sone Vauge Suspicions, Spalding examines the violence that is so present in our world and exclaims appeals to God, but at … Continue reading

What I read this week

A brilliant and humbling article about ministry, life, and authentic engagements with poverty that outlines the life Sri Lankan theologian/scholar/community leader Ajith Fernando A conversation with Peter Block and Walter Brueggemann about the meaninglessness of our current political narratives  Religious exit polls from the Presidential Election. Some interesting statistics about the changes in religious affiliation and political identification as well as some data representing some strong correlations … Continue reading

Perspective: Integrity, Salvation and Busyness

Throughout the fall semester a friend and I are reading Stephen L. Carter’s book Integrity. Integrity is a word often tossed around in Christian circles. Living lives of integrity seems as if it is often a theme for retreats, it is talked about in the church often in a gendered, “men and women of integrity” … Continue reading

Review: I Was A Stranger: A Christian Theology of Hospitality

A couple months ago I picked up the book I Was A Stranger: A Christian Theology of Hospitality by Arthur Sutherland. I had seen it several times online and on bookshelves, but never committed to it. When I  decided  to focus on hospitality as a personal and professional perspective this, I also decided that I was adding … Continue reading

Perspective: Hospitality

I love to create, but I never really know what to create when I have to. I am a creature of inspiration; something needs to spark my imagination. But I can rely on “inspiration” too much and use “creativity” as method of avoidance. One who is hones a skill practices dedication and discipline. Inspiration and creativity occur … Continue reading

Indefinite Hiatus

I have a lot of things going on at this point in life. I am going to take some time away from the blog – I have been infrequent anyway. I have some other writing going up in other places and will be working on some projects in the next couple months. PEACE

Commentary: Homelessness

Living in Santa Barbara, CA puts me in constant contact with the homeless population. Despite the affluence and picturesque views, poverty is alive and devastating. The presence of those without homes is everywhere. Even though there are routine attempts to “remove” them, the homeless are simply displaced because – like every human – they need a … Continue reading