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Art for the Soul: All Black Everything

Interesting and insightful song by Lupe Fiasco about the impact of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and a (very) creative) re-imagination of what life would have been like without American slavery embedded in the story of humanity. He speaks in extremes, but the point it delve into this dark spot (of many) in human history, get … Continue reading

Commentary: Why the Vuvuzela Horn should stay

There has been a ton of push-back against the utilization of the Vuvuzela Horn by fans at the South African hosted World Cup. If you don’t know what a Vuvuzela is, watch below. There are several reasons the Vuvuzela’s should stay: –  Vuvuzela’s are apart of South African football culture. If the games were in … Continue reading

Alternative Christmas

As we enter the Christmas stretch people are rushing out to get those last minute gifts. Lines are packed, minds are stressed, and many are anxious about the gifts they are giving and receiving To provide a retreat from the materialism of our day and in and effort to refocus on the ultimate gift of … Continue reading