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Art for Tha Soul: How to Love

Love and sexuality are deeply connected. Our modern culture has an awkward dance sometimes lacing the two together and other times relegating sexuality (and the acts of eroticism) to bodily, almost animatistic, functions. We struggle to, in action, interweave sexuality in our desire for deep, abiding,long-lasting intimacy. Sometimes this is done explicitly and sometimes it is done with a … Continue reading

Art for the Soul: All Black Everything

Interesting and insightful song by Lupe Fiasco about the impact of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and a (very) creative) re-imagination of what life would have been like without American slavery embedded in the story of humanity. He speaks in extremes, but the point it delve into this dark spot (of many) in human history, get … Continue reading

Art for the Soul:We, Myself & I

I have mentioned Shad before on this blog, but I just got his newest album, TSOL, and wanted to share one of the tracks. It is an aurally and visually stimulating expression of what it means to be a human in society , an exploration of a philosophy of self, and a commentary on self-awareness. Interwoven … Continue reading

Art for the Soul:Theory Hazit, Tupac, & Biggie

Theory Hazit is obviously not as culturally significant as Tupac or Biggie, but as you listen to these two songs what parallels are present? What stories are being told? What truth is in the lyrics? How can these songs help us engage with God and what it means to be human?

Art for the Soul:Train Song(s)

This video is from one of my favorite artists and most eclectic groups/artists, Listener. The group is made up of Dan Smith who does the lyrical work and Chris Nelson who does all the guitar work (Dan Smith is the mainstay person in the group and rotates between different accompaniment artists on different albums and … Continue reading

Art for the Soul:The Heavenbound

I was in a “classic” kick, listening to some older KRS-One, New Edition, Ahmad (Jones), and others. I also listened back to some Transformation Crusade – a Christian Rap group from the early 90’s -, and then jumped over to DC Talk. DC Talk, I know, not really in the same genre as the aforementioned … Continue reading

Resources: Influencers

I am in a Leaders are Readers group at Westmont College (my place of employment). We are currently reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point and discussing the applicability to our context. A couple days ago, I read about the short film Influencers from Charles Lee’s blog. In watching the film, I noticed a good … Continue reading

A New Journey . . .

If you have frequented my old blog Ideas of a BlackWASP welcome to a new chapter in my existence in the blogosphere. It you are new to this blog, welcome to the conversation. Rhymes of a NeoSoulist is a new venture that I decided to take on after realizing I was tired of the identity … Continue reading

The Soul of Hip-Hop

I cannot exclaim how excited I am to add another book about Hip-Hop to my library. Not only will The Soul of Hip Hop sit well next to Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, The Hip Hop Wars, Total Chaos Where You’re At (which I plan to someday review), and  others on my office shelf, it will … Continue reading