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Resources: Influencers

I am in a Leaders are Readers group at Westmont College (my place of employment). We are currently reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point and discussing the applicability to our context. A couple days ago, I read about the short film Influencers from Charles Lee’s blog. In watching the film, I noticed a good … Continue reading

Commentary: Ground Zero Mosque

I am sure most everyone has heard about the potential “mosque” near ground zero – in reality it is an islamic-based community center open to all peoples. Newt Gingrich and other primarily politically and socially conservative public figures have becoming increasingly outspoken about their disdain for this idea and claim that it is offensive and … Continue reading

Soda and the Health of a Nation

– watch the video before you read the comments – The video is referring to the obesity tax suggested by NY Governor David Paterson .NPR also recently posted a segment about a Soda Tax. The BIG issue that I can see is that sometimes we get dependent on taxes – like we have with tobacco. … Continue reading