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Art for Tha Soul: How to Love

Love and sexuality are deeply connected. Our modern culture has an awkward dance sometimes lacing the two together and other times relegating sexuality (and the acts of eroticism) to bodily, almost animatistic, functions. We struggle to, in action, interweave sexuality in our desire for deep, abiding,long-lasting intimacy. Sometimes this is done explicitly and sometimes it is done with a … Continue reading

A New Venture: Recovering Evangelical

I just started a new venture.  Recovering Evangelical (RE) is a new website started by Christopher LaTondresse and several others who have been a little disillusioned and disappointed by the way Evangelicalism has developed. I was asked by my friend Andrew Ulasich to write in two short articles a month in the Misplaced Jesus category.  Below is a description of … Continue reading

Art for the Soul:The Heavenbound

I was in a “classic” kick, listening to some older KRS-One, New Edition, Ahmad (Jones), and others. I also listened back to some Transformation Crusade – a Christian Rap group from the early 90’s -, and then jumped over to DC Talk. DC Talk, I know, not really in the same genre as the aforementioned … Continue reading

Resources: Influencers

I am in a Leaders are Readers group at Westmont College (my place of employment). We are currently reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point and discussing the applicability to our context. A couple days ago, I read about the short film Influencers from Charles Lee’s blog. In watching the film, I noticed a good … Continue reading


I am not a particular supporter of Louis Farrakhan or his ideas, but I do believe he has some wisdom in this clip. There are a hodgepodge of ideas in this clip, but what do you think about the main issue of influencing culture through hip-hop and his comments about the influence hip-hop culture has … Continue reading

Rugby and Reconcilation

Invictus may not be as popular as this year’s bigger holiday releases, but its poignant themes of justice and peace are both entertaining and redemptive. Clint Eastwood’s Invictus has generated lots of buzz as a potential Oscar contender, and rightly so. But it’s unfortunate that bigger films like Avatar and Sherlock Holmes are drawing more … Continue reading

White Savior Stories

I have been back in forth on whether to write a post about The Blindside. Ultimately, I am choosing not to because there is a plethora of articles on the web about the racial, white-privilege undertones of the film. However, the issue of White savior stories is still important. Many have tried to articulate that … Continue reading