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Art for the Soul:Theory Hazit, Tupac, & Biggie

Theory Hazit is obviously not as culturally significant as Tupac or Biggie, but as you listen to these two songs what parallels are present? What stories are being told? What truth is in the lyrics? How can these songs help us engage with God and what it means to be human?

The Soul of Hip-Hop

I cannot exclaim how excited I am to add another book about Hip-Hop to my library. Not only will The Soul of Hip Hop sit well next to Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, The Hip Hop Wars, Total Chaos Where You’re At (which I plan to someday review), and  others on my office shelf, it will … Continue reading

Glen Beck & "White Culture"

Why is it so hard for Beck to define White culture – especially when he says Obama has a hatred of it? What is “White culture”? My personal take is that there is “White culture” just like there is “Black culture”. But just as within Black culture, White culture is not monolithic, nor should everyone … Continue reading

Why the Olympics Shouldn't be in Chicago

This whole Olympic prospective is stirring. My wife and I have family in Chicago and Chicago-land as well as a great number of friends in the city. On the exterior, having the Olympics in Chicago would be my obvious desire, but there is perhaps something more. Madrid and Tokyo are disqualified in my mind. Tokyo … Continue reading