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Resources: Collaborate [rather than compete]

Why is this type of desire and collaboration so difficult? How to we pursue this type of collaborations in the communities around us both as individuals and parts groups/organizations? Advertisements


As a lover of hip-hop and and one who has been deeply impacted by Christian Rap, especially the efforts of Cross Movement Records (CMR) , this announcement from CMR hits close to the heart. CMR’s Ambassador Statement Dear   Body of Christ, It is with much grief, severe disappointment and an overwhelming fear of the Lord … Continue reading

Important question . . . where, then, should we live?

Many Christians are aware of this disconnect between their ethical intention and their daily reality, and seek to care for the strangers and the poor in more programmatic ways. Child sponsorship represents a less direct strategy and volunteering at the local food bank a more direct strategy for dealing with this problem. While I don’t … Continue reading


My friend Kristen tipped me off to an innovated concept called co-working Seems like a normal, trendy small business right? Well that would be so, but the individuals working “together” are from a variety of occupation and vocations. This area, reminiscent of a coffeehouse, acts as a sort of community working area. There is a … Continue reading

The greatest threat to our planet!!!!

This is a great video which recently won a contest for the Congress for the New Urbanism. If you don’t know what New Urbanism is take a quick look at this video and then venture to wikipedia. I don’t think New Urbanism is perfect, but it is a we need to philosophy be thinking very … Continue reading


Progressive.org posted a great article called The Myth of the Efficient Car . We’d desperately like to believe that there is a way to preserve our car-centered civilization, while simultaneously placating the gods of atmospheric warming. Even the president-elect believes it, and Obama made fuel-efficient cars a central part of his energy policy. He promised … Continue reading

Urban Glory

My friend Jonathan Ignacio put up a post about the launch of a new site called Urban Glory. The site plans to inform Christians about the happenings in the kingdom of God. A unique feature is that Bradley Cochran and Aaron Skinner, the designers of the site,  will focus on stories that that mainstream media … Continue reading

Rap'n' Roll

For Kids: School of Rock ‘n’ Roll Aspiring rockers can enroll in any of the three semesters throughout the year. Students can learn how to play the keyboard, guitar, drums, or bass, and take voice instruction. Every week, students participate in a 45-minute lesson and a three-hour group rehearsal. The school also offers summer camp … Continue reading

Of Cars and People

Before Christmas I heard an interesting NPR piece on Tyson’s Corner, Virgina, attempting to urbanize (here is a NY Times Piece as well). I was excited when I heard this, but also wondered how this was possible. Tyson’s Corner (TC), which is a suburb of Washington, D.C, is perhaps one of the most suburban (by … Continue reading

A Biblical Theology of the City

Tim Keller posted a theology of the city on the website RESURGANCE.  Here is a couple of takeaways he included at the end.   HOW TO LIVE IN THE CITY A. Models of life in the city In every earthly city, there are two ‘kingdoms’ present, two ‘cities’ vying for control. They are the City … Continue reading