Happy Hip-Hop Christmas

“Wisemen,” – Cross Movement- Gift Rap

“Fading in the distance
the place where all of us faced a twist deeper than the 6th Sense
Wasn’t what I expected to see
someone as great as him living lesser than me
And truthfully we were blown away
by a King with no bling, just a throne of hay
Even shepherds had heard of him
Somehow they got word of him
Wisemen, herdsmen, all of us worshippin’
Anybody notice how the sheep and cow
seem to peek and bow to the sleepin’ child?
We went home a different way
not just geographically, but he impacted me, never forget the day
we got to sit back
and see God’s presence, a present – Gift Rap
And I hope you get that
cause when you got Jesus you don’t have to wonder where the gift’s at”