What I read this week

A brilliant and humbling article about ministry, life, and authentic engagements with poverty that outlines the life Sri Lankan theologian/scholar/community leader Ajith Fernando

A conversation with Peter Block and Walter Brueggemann about the meaninglessness of our current political narratives 

Religious exit polls from the Presidential Election. Some interesting statistics about the changes in religious affiliation and political identification as well as some data representing some strong correlations of certain religious affiliations with certain political affiliations (i.e. Black Protestants vote democrat, White Evangelicals vote Republicans, Catholics are split – if you remove Latinos) 

A critique of the liberal strategy supporting Affirmative Action, not because Affirmative Action is ill-conceived  but because the argument that Affirmative Action helps White students, while true and good, is reductionist and disregards the issues of justice and equity Affirmative Action attempt to address

William Brennan’s examination of the cross-section of Wesley  Evangelicalism, and  Post-modern thought . . . great read